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Land flipping is a great place to begin or enhance a real estate career.

Cash Requirement

Land requires  less than $1,000.00 to become a property owner. Double or triple cash balance from there.

Property Visit Required?

No. Land flipping is very scalable. We never look at the property we purchase.

Buy for cash (usually less than $1,000.00) and sell for cash. Just the buyer and the seller. It is all managed through the internet. Land deals are easy to close.

Profit Margins

We never buy land unless we know we can double or triple our money within days of the acquisition. 100% to 200% margins quickly is the norm. Land deals are better, faster, and cheaper.

Income Stream Potential

Buy for cash and sell on terms to collect monthly payments for years.

Liquidation / Ease of Sale

With the advent of the internet, making the rural property available takes just minutes. If it’s priced right and posted on the right websites (Landwatch, Land and Farm, Zillow, Trulia. eBay, etc.) it sells within days.